TransmogrifAI—the automated machine learning library for structured data—is open source. See the full announcement.

Salesforce uses and contributes to tons of Open Source. We're committed to not just consume Open Source, but to contribute back our modifications to Open Source projects. We'll also Open Source infrastructure and tools which are necessary, but indirect to our business, like we've done with Argus - a time-series database.

Learn more about Open Source at Salesforce below or on our engineering blog.

built at salesforce

  • Apache Phoenix
  • Argus
  • PyPlyn
  • PyPlyn
  • PredictionIO
  • Lightning Design System
  • Design System React
  • ApexUnit
  • Grammaticus
  • Oclif
  • Nonprofit Starter Pack
  • AutoTriageBot

community contributions

  • Apache HBase
  • Raft
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes